Hello, I'm Bille

I'm a developer passionated about:

...Honestly i like to tinker with stuff.


Current Focus

Tools and Gadgets

Having a desire to create a wide variarty of tools with different purposes i plan on doing some of the in the same project/website while focusing on creating coeficciency between the suitable ones.

EVE Online: Wormhole focused web application

Having used and seen different ways of using Web applications to make playing EVE more managable, I decided i wanted to have a go at it.
With the focus on Wormhole space, i have multiple pieces that i want to create.
The First being an conversion of a well known WH Guide, improving my Table Experience. The Second Gaining experience with movable objects through building an Connections Mapper. With a lot of smaller elements that i want to explore Developing.

How I Work

Having had the opertunity to work from the initial stages of Projects to the final stages, have tought me a great deal and helped my understanding of different approaches, while having tought me that focus on efficiency can be vital.
An Efficiency that have projected itself, in the case of a Frontend focused project as a Focus on UX, Accessibility and simplicity. In a Backend Focused project kept an eye on the final project from start to finish enabling myself to prevent complexity and keeping it simple.
While having dealt with setting up simpler deploy pipelines and server setup, have kept me cautious of vulnabilities, driving me to have a important focus on security on both the server and the applications i built.